Planning A Renovation? Review these tips before you start!

February 28, 2020

Considering taking on a renovation or flip? We sat down with our very own Emilie Riser Moseley, Real Estate Advisor, to discuss this topic and create a list of tips and things to consider before starting a project -of any scale.  Emilie and her husband, Philip, co-owner of Blue Oak BBQ, have tackled plenty of projects from updating investment properties, to flipping homes, and are now starting a renovation and addition to their personal home. “The most important thing to remember is you are renovating a home that you will eventually sell – and what may be hot in color and design trends now will not be in perhaps even next year,” says  Emilie.  The tried and true neutral tones, classic elements and when possible restoring architectural details long covered up remain the best way to begin thinking about a project.  And to be clear, neutral tones do not simply mean beige or all white, there are shades of gray, blue and even green that are great foundation colors that stand the test of time.  Similarly, a classic subway tile, though still very popular, is not the only option – there are so many simple, clean, crisp options (but even more to stay away from – think crazy patterns or 3-dimensional tiles).    There are plenty of ways to add pops of color, and show your personality and still ensure your renovation project can bring the biggest ROI possible when the time comes for your home to take own new homeowners.    



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